The Surfing Messiah

The Surfing Messiah tells the bizarre story of 53 year-old George. A Peruvian, living in Bali, is convinced that on 21 December 2012 a worldwide series of tsunamis will eradicate human life as we know it. George isn’t alone in this; what makes him unique is that he is convinced that he has been chosen to survive ths global catastrophe. Chosen to preserve humanity after the ‘End of Days’ on 21 December 2012. The day on which the Mayan calendar ends.

But George isn’t the stereotypical messiah, driven by a desire to improve the lives of his fellow human beings. That’s the last thing that interests him. George is more interested in himself.

This lover of life, seducer of women and surf-bum takes life as it comes, thinks about himself and his own enjoyment before anything else. A hedonist through and through.

George was then surprised when he received visions in which he was told that he had been chosen to save mankind from its impending downfall. To this day he is baffled as to why he has been given this momentous task… He is convinced that there are others more capable of saving the species, but that doesn’t diminish the seriousness with which he is going about it. He has been chosen for this mission, and he accepts this as a given, although he goes his own way about fulfilling it.

Where he can reap advantage, he does so. So he has no intention of saving the rest of humanity: that would be too much hassle. He intends to become the father of a new race of humanity, assisted by as many young, fertile and attractive women as possible. He plans to lead them all to a safe haven, at a height of 4,500 metres in the Andes. A place which was shown to him in his visions. Here, with his female companions, he will found a new community, a new race.

The Surfing Messiah is Noah, the fully-updated 2012 version. George is convinced that at 4,500 metres high in the mountains he will be safe from the coming apocalypse. But moving to this altitude, from Bali, requires massive preparation, both physical and mental.To purify and develop his spirit he has been following the teachings of the Dalai Lama. To keep his body able he turns daily to the Indian Ocean. For George, surfing is the one thing better than sex…

The film-makers goal was to show George in his preparations for the coming apocalypse. They didn’t expect George to see the two (female) film-makers as an element of his mission. “You need to be fit and healthy to survive on the mountain so that you can bear our child, the new world leader”. The film-maker Lin van den Bremer is increasingly asked to become, against her will, the subject of the film.