About the makers

Lin van den Bremer is a television director and programme maker, and conducts the interviews with George.

Femke Stroomer is a documentary film-maker and camera journalist. She has traveled extensively to countries across the developing world making films about sustainability, climate change, fair trade and human rights. She has also directed several programs for Dutch television, including ‘Tante in Marokko’ ("Aunt in Morocco", RVU) and ‘Ik begin voor mezelf’ ("Starting out for myself", RTL4).

Besides film-making Femke runs a project to teach film-making to young immigrants in the Netherlands, providing them with a vocational skill and helping them tell their story.

Together Lin and Femke are responsible for directing the film.

About the producer

De Beeldbrigade is a production company based in Amsterdam. We are responsible for highly successful Dutch television programmes such as Het Blok (NET5) ('The Block'), Waar is de Mol? (Veronica/SBS6) ('Where is de Mol?'), Zee, Zout en Zeilen (AVRO) ('Sea, Salt and Sails'), Wie is Direct? (BNN) ('Who's Direct?') en Draagmoeder Gezocht (KRO) ('Natural Mother Sought').